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Who am I?

I am a single-person developer who is engaged in my love of computers, games, learning and of course, my loving fiancé.

I love to learn new things, make various types of projects, and making old mechanics new again with a fresh mind for modernization and to make the best of what can be done.

Come look at some of the things I have done, and things I would like to do. =)

What do I do?

Break games

I have been “breaking” various games for many years now.

“Breaking” being finding bugs, exploits, and oddities, to then report and potentially get fixed ASAP.

It has become me, as a person, and various game companies to do these things. It has been part of who I am, and I am quite happy about it.

Modify content

I have taken upon myself to do various projects over the years, which include:

Changing splash screens for RuneScape, making custom Character Entity Highlights, shaders, and more!

I continue to do many things, as a learning experience, to better experience the technical world.

Watch & learn

I love to learn new things from how stuff works to better myself, my work, and general understanding how.

I try to apply myself to as much as a can as a result of my love for learning these things.

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